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Handy, indispensable practical guides for students, aspiring, new and experienced staff in health and social care. Also relevant for the public who take part in strategic conversations with managers, in what is known as co-production or public participation. ​It widens opportunities for everyone to talk ‘like a boss’ and be just like them, if that’s what you want!
You can learn the language whenever you want, but also ask others to use simpler, plain language. Let's start communicating together and make a difference! Buy a copy to brighten your day and help when you don’t know what to say or is being said to you.
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How to get ahead in health and social care book
Book 1: This is where the journey really starts!

Discover the first of a new series to demystify common words and key phrases used by managers in the care sector. It’s full of gems from real-life conversations, such as 'the patients are falling through the cracks', 'people are bouncing around health and social care services', and 'how are you going to move your metric?

It highlights the common themes of work ‘journeys’ and progress (or lack of) with the ever-increasing workload. Suggested translations, illuminating what is really being said, are given, with an extra dose of humour and irony. 

NOW with Foreword by Dr Brian Littlechild, PhD ,
Research Lead for Social Work, University of Hertfordshire/Vice President, European Research Institute for Social Work

NEW Audiobook, Free with Audible Unlimited trial or £1.77, also available on iTunes,  Paperback £4.99, Kindle £1.70 or free with Kindle Unlimited, Hardback £9.99
How to get ahead in health and social care book
Hardback copy of Absolutely I am the right person for you
Book 2: Absolutely! I am the right person for you!
 How do you get ahead and promoted in health and social care? You manage your language and become phenomenally positive!

Do you want to increase your confidence, be powerfully positive, impress interviewers and managers? Yes?

Then buy this book and use real life phrases to make a positive impact by saying,

‘I like to think outside of the box! ’


I have a can do attitude. ’I was recognised as the go to person.

 NOW with Foreword by Steve Preston the Career Catalyst ®.

Paperback £4.50, Kindle £1.70 or free with Kindle Unlimited, Hardback £9.99

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