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A Best-Selling

Book by

Emily Clark

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eBook Version is Available

A self-help workplace
book by
Carolyn M Holmes


My Story

‘Manage your language: how to get ahead in health and social care’ book series builds on my lifetime of work in supporting people in health and social care to do a good job.

It comes from my fascination with the spoken word, jargon and the popular phrases used by managers and staff in health and social care in the UK.


I started collecting words and phrases when I ‘jumped over the fence’ from working in social care for 30 years to work in the National Health Service, the publicly funded UK health sector, as a health education manager.

I write self help books for patients, carers, people who work, or want work in health and social care in the United Kingdom. The books have many phrases with suggested translations.

Books come in different formats such as audio, eBook, print and hardback. I also create and curate useful information about the use of language.

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This is a really useful book to gain a lot of knowledge in a short time, for all those involved in health and social care, and particularly for those who are learning the language maybe for the first time.'

Dr. Brian Littlechild

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'Carolyn's book is packed with a brilliant library of suggested phrases with clever use of language, which she has spent a copious amount of time researching.'

Steve Preston the Career Catalyst

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